Posted by: noadventure | December 26, 2010

Make a Movie 4(Lovey Dovies)


Lovey Dovies are a New Orleans rock band. They sound kinda like Dinosaur Jr.(they don’t really think they do, but people seem to think so). They just got back from a South American tour not too long ago and they’ve been gigging around America a bit too.

I did this little music video for them and I bet you can spot some of the locations around the city. To make this video, the following things were needed:

20 extras

1 keg of Nola Blonde beer

1 band(Lovey Dovies)

1 song(Workhorse)

5 people willing to drag generator, camera equipment, and band instruments over the levee

10 dogs

1 Mississippi River

0 permits


You see, it’s really not hard to make a movie; just go out and do it.

Check out Make a Movie parts 1, 2, and 3.

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