Posted by: noadventure | October 3, 2010

NOLA Brewery Tour

Did you know that NOLA Brewery offers a free tour every Friday at 2pm? Well they do motherf*cker!

The tour starts with a frosty pint – this sets the mood for a pleasurable tour that is heavy on beer and low on science.

For starters, beer is about hops… and they’ve got truckloads of that shit.

You’ll be invited to taste the hops – right out of this guy’s bare hand!

Next, you’ll take a stroll around the tiny warehouse brewery and your guide will explain stuff to you that you may or may not absorb, but that’s not important. Look around; have a good time.

Keep a look out for cool stuff like this…

or maybe you’ll see the tiny Godzilla brew dragon.

Later in the tour, you’ll see a bunch of these things. Later, I found out that most of the equipment NOLA Brewery owns was purchased “used” from other breweries that were expanding or getting rid of gear. WISE BUSINESS IDEA – buy used gear(write that down).

Did you know NOLA Brewery uses plastic kegs, which are better for the environment(recycled plastic) and weigh less? I bet you didn’t you ignorant bastard!

After the tour is concluded, there is an informal chat with your tour guide over a few pints. ALL NOLA BREWS ARE AWESOME. That day I had their Blonde, 7th Street Wheat, and their super hoppy Hopitoulas.

You can find the NOLA Brewery on the corner of 7th and Tchoup in the Irish Channel.


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