Posted by: noadventure | October 18, 2011

Swamp Chopper

Wasn’t Magnum PI the greatest show ever? Thomas Magnum got to drive a Ferrari, live in a mansion in Hawaii, and even had a black friend who flew a helicopter. That just makes him about the coolest bro ever.

I recently did a job where we had to fly in a chopper all over the city and surrounding areas. We took off from the Jefferson Parish LASER(Land Air Sea Emergency Rescue) base. One of the convenient things about traveling by chopper is that you can get anywhere really fast. Grand Isle? 2 hours by car – 20 minutes by chopper. The Rigolets? 10 minutes buddy.

Here’s a photo of our helicopter:

Minutes after we took off, we were flying over landscapes like this:

The pilot let us fly with the doors open so we could shoot. He showed us how to use the headsets, but then we were on our own, so I tied up everything that could fall out of the doors. I even roped myself in by reinforcing my seatbelt(because most of the time I was standing on the skid hanging out the door).

My monitor setup(tied down for good measure):

Like I said, I was outside the door most of the time.

Make sure to peep the movie I made of my helicopter buzz over the swamp.

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