Posted by: noadventure | June 13, 2010

Naked Bike Ride 2(WNBR 2010)

Well, it came time again to toss off your clothes and hit the streets in the classic art of nude bicycle riding. Yes, if you weren’t there on Saturday, you missed the second annual World Naked Bike Ride in New Orleans.

We met, once again, in Washington Square Park on Elysian Fields. The crowd was about the same size. However, there was a naked banjo guy this year. He and his friend were in great spirits and they brought nude revelry to the masses.

“Banjo Guy” together with “Unicycle Dude” set this motherfucker into orbit.

There were some detours this year. For instance, we went down Decatur St…

And Frenchman(stay hydrated dude)…

Oily turtles thrown in a sea of asses…

Some strong bonds were made that day…

The cops helped us all the way to the finish line…

At the end, we got together for a group picture(the chick in this photo has nipple pasties on her nipples – interesting).

Be there next year.


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