Posted by: noadventure | November 7, 2010

Tunica Waterfalls

New Orleans is flat. ‘Cept for a levee and some water, it has a completely featureless horizon. Tunica Falls, just a couple hours upriver from NOLA, seems(topographically speaking) a world away.

The REAL name for Tunica Falls is Clark Creek Natural Area and it technically lies just across the Mississippi state line in the humble one-building-town of Pond, MS. Definitely worth stopping in and getting a Gatorade and a T-shirt.

Bottom line – this place rules. It’s probably my favorite outdoor trip that’s close to New Orleans. We visited a couple of weeks ago when we stayed at the Myrtles and attended the Angola Prison Rodeo. They’re basically all in the same neighborhood.

“Comprising more than 2,000 acres, this Natural Area’s officially highlighted by some 40 waterfalls (though you’ll find only 6 along established trails), ranging from 10 to more than 25 feet in height.”

“Clark Creek’s steeply sloping hills host a mixed hardwood and pine forest dominated by beech and magnolia. Here, visitors discover a variety of colorful migrating and resident birds; invertebrates; poisonous snakes; a rare land snail; the federally endangered Carolina magnolia vine; a state endangered fish, the Southern red belly dace. This forested tract also provides excellent habitat for another threatened species in Mississippi — the black bear.”

A couple of things you’re likely to see here are deer and the mysterious Eastern Chipmunk, which there is no trace of in New Orleans. Beware though, even if the wild animals don’t get you, the trail might – it’s a steep and “treacherous” hike that can get wet.


From Baton Rouge, take Hwy. 61 north, past St. Francisville. Turn left on Angola Prison road, otherwise known as Hwy. 66. Eventually, Hwy. 969 will fork off to the right, Turn Right There. Pond, Mississippi is at the junction of Hwy. 969 & Hwy. 24, 25 minutes from St. Francisville, La. (Pond General Store will be off to your left, next to the duck pond).


  1. Great pictures. I went to Tunica last summer and camped out at the only campground in the area. I was surprised with how steep some of the hills were.

    I agree that it is one of the best things to do close to New Orleans.

  2. I’m deffintly not going if they have poisonous snakes

  3. I went here after watching the Angola rodeo a couple of years ago. Your post inspired me to go back!

  4. Boy Scout Troop 769 camps here once a year and hike both the primitive trail and the improved trail. We also use this area for conditioning for Philmont. This place is a well kept secret and a great adventure getaway. I love the general store and the antiques on display, plus the cream soda is some of the best around.

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for posting

  6. Please change some of your language! It is offensive!

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