Posted by: noadventure | September 19, 2010

Scooter to Frenier Landing

The time had come for another scooter journey. My brother, Dave, was in town from Dallas and we wanted to circumnavigate the southwest corner of the lake to go to a coastal restaurant known as Frenier Landing.

This is the route we took, ‘cept that we used River Road the whole way to Main St. in Laplace instead of Airline(which you can see by clicking on the map and changing it from a WALK MAP to a BICYCLE MAP – no clue on why Google won’t let me embed bicycle maps).

As is our custom on River Road, we stopped in Rivertown, the sight of the first World Champion Heavyweight Prize Fight in the United States.

But oddly enough, somebody stole the other bare-knuckled boxer!? WTF? I hope the city of Kenner was just scrubbing some graffiti off of him or something. The lone boxer looks like one of those crazy dudes at the Greyhound station.

Next stop: the Spillway. Notice the flare in the distance from one of the nearby plants. This photo was taken at the RC airplane field.

Then… we saw a few huge mountains of trash around Destrehan/Laplace. Just look at all those different textures.

Stopped at a roadside park on Old 51 north and threw up a NOadventure sticker on this garbage can.

Not surprisingly, the garbage can contained a huge stash of porn.

Finally, we rolled up on Frenier Landing, right on the western shore of the Pontchartrain.

I spotted some possibly surfable waves from the porch. Everyone hits Pontch beach when the north wind is over 20 knots, but this might be the new spot if you have a hearty east wind.

Strangely enough, there is a stuffed BEARCAT in the restaurant. The plaque says that it was shot up the road. Never heard of this animal in Louisiana before so I researched it’s presence in the area. Here’s the story from the owner of the place:

“My name is Murry Daniels and I am the owner of Frenier Landing Restaurant and Oyster Bar. I received the mount of a binturong (common name is Bearcat)from a local LaPlace gentleman that shot the misplaced critter 1 mile north of Peavine Road along the railroad track while coon hunting in 1989. The event was published in the local LaPlace paper when it happened and the gentleman had the bearcat mounted by a local taxidermist. It was tucked away in his sisters garage in Metairie until someone told me about this strange thing that was killed 20 years ago. I met the owner and he offered me the mount to display in the restaurant. I had Heards Taxidermy in Baton Rouge (I am a homegrown LSU kid) touch up the mount and put it on some driftwood. The Bearcat is indigenous to South China and the surrounding islands. How it happened to be in Louisiana is a mystery. There were also three other accounts of binturongs in Louisiana. One was captured in the EXXON tankfarm and donated to the Baton Rouge Zoo in the early 1970’s and the other two were killed north of Morgan City, La. according to Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries.”

Here’s what one looks like:

I guess the story checks out. As we packed up to leave, I decided to let this 2 year-old borrow the keys to my scooter and give it whirl.

I whipped this poster up quickly which I deemed more appropriate.


  1. I can’t wait to visit. Job well done. Very cute two year old.

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