Posted by: noadventure | March 1, 2009

Surfing Louisiana Part 1: Gulf of Mexico

Dirty Coast has this jokey t-shirt that says, “Surf Grand Isle” with this picture of a surfboard next to a pelican or something.

Ok, I was wrong – this is what it looks like.

From what I’ve heard from some experts, there is a small cadre of dudes who actually SURF GRAND ISLE.

Grand Isle isn’t the only surf spot in Louisiana; on the way down to G.I., there is a nearby beach called Fourchon(pronounced foo-SHAWN).

Here’s photographic proof I got from N.O. Surf Shop. Notice the oil rigs in the background.

Speaking of N.O. Surf Shop, they’ve moved from their Magazine St. location down to 7722 Maple St. Go in there and support a local business – even if your just getting a bikini/trunks. I do suggest the INDOBOARD though – it’s an awesome fun way to keep your board balance sharp no matter what the weather is like.

AND, let’s give another round of applause to N.O. Surf Shop for NOT BUYING CHINESE GOODS. Have a conscious about the goods you consume, when you buy Chinese, you are:

1) rewarding the use of sweatshops
2) continuing to fuck the already limping U.S. economy
3) supporting non earth-friendly manufacturing

Environmentally, Chinese factories are exponentially worse then Western factories, because of the lack of regulations on pollution. PLUS, they have to use all that FUEL to get the goods here from across the ocean, then truck it all the way to New Orleans. BUY AMERICAN and BUY LOCAL. Support Fair Trade.


Here’s how to get to Fourchon:
First, go like you are going to Grand Isle. Then, take a right at the Sportsman’s Paradise cornerstore, which is after you go through Leeville. Stay on this road until you go over a bridge, then take a right. This road takes you to the beach. The first break is right there(barges). Another break is to the right, all the way down the beach(rock jetty).

1) The best surf is usually at the end.
2) Parking on the beach at Fourchon – make sure the tide can’t come up and drag your car out to sea.
3) There’s HUGE speed traps in the town of Golden Meadow – slow down.

More photos of Louisiana surfing:

AND… here’s a fresh little video my buddy Samuel shot at Fourchon for RUCKUS wakeboards. The guys bring this wench out to the beach and they ride the surf laterally for 800 yards. Awesome.

UPDATE: I heard from the New Orleans surfing crew that Fourchon is no more. At least you can’t park there anymore. Now, you must paddle out across the bridge, which is a bit dicier. Unless you’ve got some serious stones, stick to Grand Isle or check out Part 2 for the “Pontch.”

Click here to see Surfing Louisiana Part 2.



  1. […] Now that you know how to shred, support a Louisiana business like RUKUS – who have wakeboard shops all across South Louisiana. They even have a cool video at the end of this post I did on Surfing Louisiana. […]

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