Posted by: noadventure | January 25, 2017

Reader Mail

NOadventure readers often email me for tto ask for help with their own NOadventures. I welcome this and always respond. Here’s one from yesterday:



I’m visiting NOLA and was wondering if you might know how accessible Fort Macomb or Fort Pike are? I didn’t see any info on your site, but thought you might know! From what I can tell both are closed, but I still would like to try and get in.


Here’s what I wrote back:

You can get into both by kayak.
There is a massive bridge next to the easternmost one (Fort Pike). I would visually scout from there.
If memory serves correctly, there is a public boat launch next to one of them (maybe between them). Should be easy from there.
Yep. See if the boat launch with the little blue arrow is still open.
Watch out for:
Slippery rocks
other critters.
Even when Pike was open as a park, I remember the rangers doing hourly snake sweeps whenever visitors were present.
Both forts have been inundated with water and are literally being washed away. Fort Proctor is an example of this.
Fort Proctor:
Look for stalactites in the tunnels.
Stay safe.

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