Post you own NO Adventure

Having fun is a tough job.

I’ve got plenty of adventure ideas to document, but I’m also one busy dude.

If YOU have YOUR OWN New Orleans Adventure you’d like to share, submit it for the site by emailing me! Just make sure to keep it exciting and take lots of pictures, videos, or both.

Some Guidelines:

NO Adventures can be as simple as documenting your secret fishing hole:


OR your backyard pool party water fight:


OR your favorite spot in the swamp:


OR just some cool thing that maybe not everyone knows about:


BUT PLEASE, DON’T send me photos of you just hanging out with your friends doing nothing…


OR breakdancing in a subway station station in Kenner(I will know you are lying because there are no subway stations in Kenner).

Let’s keep it fun and factual! Cheers.


  1. I have an adventure report idea about mountain biking on the trail in the Spillway. There is a developed, bicycle specific offroad trail with several bridges and stunt features. I have several pictures of the area and the trail.

  2. Hey, I don’t know if this counts because it required that I leave New Orleans, but I went on an interesting overnight bike ride from New Orleans to Venice, LA and back on April 14-15, 2009. Does that count? Here’s the link to the write-up on my website :

  3. I’d like to know what I can do on a Road trip from Miami to LA Via The South starting June 30th 2010! I’m from the uk, and not a pansy, sarcasm is welcome, but will be thrown back with flair..

  4. Mike, I just took an EXCELLENT kayak trip out to Fort Proctor in St. Bernard Parish. Please feel free to use this for your site if you like. Here’s the link:

  5. I snuck into the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans East. pretty creepy photos. and even climbed to the top of some roller coaster rides. plenty of photos with my dslr.

  6. New Orleans has a longboard crew if anyone is interested. We have met up with a crew from SW Louisiana (Team Infidel) several times and cruised all over NOLA. Our group rides consist of riding at least 8 miles (the latest was over 15 miles long). We have covered lakeview (good for getting some slides in on the levees), downtown (parking garages for the hill bombers & corporate art for the freestylers), and midcity (if you have ever wanted to skitch a streetcar…). Check out our Facebook page through the link below for pics, vids, & upcoming events.

  7. Seeing Nipples of Isis at Checkpoint Charlie 16 years ago. The lead singer barfed on stage, slipped and fell in it, got back up, and kept on singing. Never seen anything so disturbing, yet equally cool at the same time. And the music Rocked, too.

  8. There are some really massive old warehouses in Holy cross. No waders necessary. Drop me a line if you want to explore.

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