Posted by: noadventure | June 4, 2011

Oyster Eating Contest

How many raw oysters can you eat? Untimed, I can eat 80-100,  maybe more. My style is lemon and Crystal. No cocktail. No crackers. Want to know the world record?

552 oysters in only 10 minutes. Holy shit – that’s 46 dozen. The world record holder is 100 lb. Sonya Thomas. She achieved this record in 2005 at the Acme world oyster-eating competition.

Peep this chick’s resume:

181 chicken wings in 12 minutes

65 hard boiled eggs in 6 minutes and 40 seconds

7 burgers (3/4 pound “Thickburgers”) in 10 minutes

9 pounds of crawfish jambalaya in 10 minutes

44 lobsters totaling 11.3 pounds of lobster meat in 12 minutes

46 dozen Acme Oysters in 10 minutes(2005)

29 dozen Acme Oysters in 8 minutes (2009)-Louisiana oyster season produced much larger oysters in 2009 explaining the slower pace -reclaimed the World Oyster Eating title

So, if you think you’ve got the sauce to compete, the Oyster Eating Contest at the New Orleans Oyster Festival takes place tomorrow on Decatur St. in the French Quarter at 1pm.

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