Posted by: noadventure | February 23, 2012

Louisiana Earthquake

You know Anderson Cooper can’t wait to get all up in this ASAP.

The only earthquake I’ve ever felt was the one that hit Hawaii in 2006. Mild for me on Maui, but worse for people on the big island. Historically, Louisiana is no earthquake virgin. Tremors on the Delta and in the Gulf have been recorded for centuries. Nature will always win as much as we try to stop it.

Although there have been other earthquakes felt in Louisisana, these two are the largest CENTERED in Louisiana.

The largest Earthquake recorded in Louisiana was centered about 60 miles west of New Orleans and awakened many people throughout eastern Louisiana at about 6:17 a.m. on October 19, 1930. Maximum intensity reached VI at Napoleonville, where the entire congregation rushed from a church, as the entire building rocked noticeably. Intensity V effects were noticed at Allemands, Donaldsonville, Franklin, Morgan City, and White Castle, where small objects overturned, trees and bushes were shaken, and plaster cracked.

More recently, on November 19, 1958, a local earthquake in the Baton Rouge area shook houses and rattled windows. Scores of residents telephoned the Weather Bureau, Civil Defense, police and radio stations. The shock was also felt at Baker and Denham.

When will the next earthquake shake the Mississippi delta? Speaking as a dude who lives in an old house, my walls couldn’t take it.


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