Posted by: noadventure | March 8, 2009

Journey to the Westbank – Part 3: Asia Minor

HONG KONG MARKET – huge Asian grocery store as big as a regular supermarket.

This supermarket on 925 Behrman Hwy in Gretna will blow your mind. Think of the stuff Andrew Zimmern eats on Bizarre Foods.

If you’re hungry when you get there, check out Pho Dahn 7 inside the freaking place or grab a Vietnamese poboy at the bakery also inside. Both are tasty options. Make sure you take some time for all the weird fruits you’ve never seen before and strange energy drinks from Thailand like Commando Bear 2000 which is jacked up with loads of Taurine and I believe also Nicotine.

And you don’t need me to tell you that fish can not get be found fresher than LIVE. Pick your live Vietnamese catfish, tilapia, dungeness crab, or Australian lobster straight from their HUGE tanks and they will be happy net your selection and stun the fish by whacking it on the floor.

While you’re on the Asian food tip: Check out the one of the following reputable joints.



  1. […] Fancy mushrooms cost a king’s ransom at Whole Foods, so I usually get my exotics at HONG KONG MARKET. A cool fall/winter activity might be getting a bunch of fancy mushrooms and crusty bread and […]

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