Posted by: noadventure | September 26, 2010

Oktoberfest @ Deutsches Haus

Last night we went to Deutsches Haus for perhaps the FINAL celebration of Oktoberfest at their original historic location. It’s a real shame that this place is being taken over by a hospital and getting torn down.

Incorporated in 1928, the Deutsches Haus was formed as a benevolent and social organization which evolved from the Deutsche Gesellschaft von New Orleans and several other Deutsche groups. The Deutsche Gesellschaft, whose origins dated back to 1848, provided support for the numerous German immigrants in the New Orleans area, providing them meals and housing, helping them find employment, and assisting them in reaching their ultimate destination in the United States and assisting them in become US Citizens.

Now, the place is basically a club for people of German ancestry, German speakers, and New Orleans German community members to hang out, socialize, organize philanthropic activities, and celebrate their culture with BIER.

Oktoberfest is celebrated at Deutsches Haus every Friday and Saturday evening at their original location at 200 S. Galvez. It’s only 8 bucks!

If this wasn’t the middle of a ghetto, I’d swear I was in Germany.


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