Posted by: noadventure | June 15, 2009

Naked Bike Ride – New Orleans

The World Naked Bike Ride or WNBR has been a huge event in cities like Chicago, San Francisco, and other majors around the world for years. It’s a great excuse for people to make a public demonstration about the importance of nude bicycle riding(almost as important as whales).


We have finally spearheaded our first annual event in New Orleans and it was awesome!  We started in Washington Square(you know that little park in between Frenchman St. and Elysian Fields?). The ride was through the French Quarter to Canal then back to Washington Square. My guess is about 200 people showed up.


The rules were a bit nebulous, but you were supposed to cover up your genitals(paint counts).


All types of people showed up. The cops were there to make sure there wasn’t too much cock lying around.


But of course, there was plenty for everyone to share.


There was also a virtual smorgasbord of asses and nothing says “ride more bikes; drive less cars!” than a smorgasbord of asses.


Personally I had a lot of fun and I think this event will continue to grow and perhaps become well known. Of course, I made a video from the camera I had mounted on my bike. Watch it!

Afterwards, we all gathered for a group photo.


That’s me front and center in the shiny purple Speedo.


Getcha WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE 2010 right here!


  1. Nice speedo; sorry I missed out. I was in Kung Fu class.

  2. This makes me miss New Orleans. But then again, Seattle has three this year.

  3. Damn, sorry I missed that one. I did notice a couple I know in the group. Also the video brought back some fond memories. The scene shot on Bourbon St where the shutter doors in the background have diamonds cut in them. I had my first Manage aux Trois behind those very doors.
    Thanks for rekindling those fond memories.

  4. […] about outdoor events and functions that you might otherwise miss. This is how I found out about the World Naked Bike Ride(see you this […]

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