Posted by: noadventure | June 25, 2009

NOadventure needs help!

Guys, I’ve been posting about once a week for almost a year now and so far I’ve done all of the posts myself.  After 40-something adventures, I’ve only had 1 guest writer. I have a 60+ hour a week job and usually I’m typing these things in on Sunday nights hours after I go do the adventure.


I need some motherfucking help. Kickball Leagues? Abita Brewery Tour? Tubing? Are you kidding me? If you guys are doing shit like this you should document it and hand over a smartass article to me ASAP.



  1. Hey, I saw your bomb shelter video somewhere and It prompter me to join something. I seem to think I may have even uploaded something somewhere but it was one of those late nights surfing when I could have been writing a motherfucking smart ass something about somewhere.
    Anyway, guess I am interested.

  2. kennedy-

    i’m planning a trip back home in october for a wedding. i plan on flying into shreveport to visit jennette, then drive to NOLA.

    I’ve been reading a great book about the depression-era Public Works projects in Louisiana (almost all of which are still standing). Its a very fascinating history of the lasting impact of these projects which ranged from traditional infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, sewerage plants etc to cultural infrastructure like school, libraries, courthouses, museums. Many were in my favorite architectural style, art deco.

    I plan on doing a geo-coded photoessay of those between Shreveport and NOLA, and will publish it here to make a contribution to your outstanding site. Sorry I can’t do more. Over and out,


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