Posted by: noadventure | July 6, 2009

Florida Coast Adventure

We usually go to the Florida Gulf Coast once a year during the summer. Destin has beautiful white sand beaches and crystal water(you can snorkel or scuba dive in it), but this year we went to Ft. Walton(directly west of Destin) which is less surrounded with gigantic barn-like crab restaurants and t-shirt shops.

I told you the water was clear.


Here’s two photos of Beck on the beach. She looks drunk in the second one(but she’s not – it’s just sunnier).



I on the other hand was drunk and nothing mixes with alcohol quite like some tasty waves. I’ve surfed Lake Pontchartrain, but now it was time to bodyboard(AKA boogieboard) the Gulf of Mexico.

Bodyboarding is just like surfing except it’s really easy and cheap. We snatched up these boards for about $30 a piece back in New Orleans. It would’ve been more expensive had we bought them in FLA. A really shitty surfboard is still around $300!


Where we were, the waves were breaking on a sandbar, so we didn’t have to paddle up to speed of the wave; we just waited until the last moment when the wave was upon us and jumped on that sucker. Peep the movie:

Also, since the waves were breaking on the sandbar, we didn’t have to paddle out to the waves – we just waded.



Once I got out there, I was determined to show these 9 year-olds that this was my wave(that’s me with the purple-bottomed board).




There are places in the world where really huge waves bounce off cliffs or a seawall and rush back into oncoming sea waves, making a wave sandwich – this is called “backwash” and it looks really cool.


  1. i’m in nola and thinking of a trip out to ft. walton. where did you stay and were you able to find a spot not overrun with kiddies?

  2. I found this place called Island Echos on A bit cheaper than “right on the beach” places in Destin, but still the awesome water and beach. It was 4 hours from New Orleans on the nose(going the speed limit).

  3. Wouldn’t recommend being drunk and going surfing or even swimming in the ocean.

    Common sense..

  4. Thanks “Bob.” I had no idea. Your common sense saved my life.

  5. […] We found this cool shell to match one we found on the Florida coast in Ft. Walton. […]

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