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Jefferson Davis Home (Beauvoir)

Editor’s note: This is my wife Rebecca’s first guest post on NOadventure. You may have seen her in about a thousand of the photos on this site. If you have an adventure you’d like to share, email me(guest posters get a free NOadventure t-shirt)!

The Jefferson Davis Home (Beauvoir) was the last home of Confederate president Jefferson Davis and it was the site of his retirement. The house was completed in 1852. In 1877, Jefferson Davis was looking for a retreat to write his books and papers. Mrs. Dorsey(a family friend) lived in the home. She allowed him to stay at Beauvoir in one of the two pavilions for $50.00 a month. After two years he wanted to purchase the property. The selling price was $5,500.00.

The home and other buildings on the property sustained extensive damage during Hurricane Katrina. The two pavilions were completely washed away, but have since been reconstructed true to their original design. While the main house was heavily damaged, it remained intact. There are pictures on display in the home to show the damage.

All the ceilings and walls were hand painted. At first glance, the ceiling appears to have molding, but it is all paint, it just appears to be three dimensional.

Out in what is now the back of the house(during the Jefferson Davis days, this was the front), there used to be a rose garden; all that remains is the sun dial. Mrs. Davis kept meticulous records of the roses she had planted and a future project to recreate the rose garden is in the works.

While you are there, take a walk around the grounds. There is the old orange orchard, a spring and man-made waterfall, Oyster Bayou, and the grave of a beloved donkey. There is also the Cross in Confederate Cemetery on the grounds.

The Jefferson Davis Home & Presidential Library
2244 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi, Mississippi 39531



  1. I haven’t been here since one of my field trips in grade school. In other words, I’m in for a long overdue trip.

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