Posted by: noadventure | June 6, 2010

Dive Manchac

Sometimes, my work involves getting wet. In this situation, I was working on a movie called Jeff, Who Lives At Home. The scene called for a car crash off a bridge into water. It was my job to photograph the POV from the water.

We start off in Manchac on a party barge. Police had the old Hwy 51 bridge shut down for us.

We had to prep the HD camera in an underwater housing before it could go in the drink. This was kind of a pain in the ass; I had to screw weights on the housing to make it sink enough, but not roll.

“Hmmm. The camera seems pretty balanced. Let’s just throw one more weight on.”

Forunately, I had two great grips with me to stabilize me in a SMOKING FAST current. The water was deceptively smooth on top, but beneath the surface it was fast-moving.

Visiblity was awfully poor. I couldn’t see my fins from the surface. Right before we rolled, these stunt dudes on jetskis would circle around and make the water choppy for realism. Jake(grip) looks like he’s having a great time(lay off the pills, Jake).

Quiet! We’re shooting a fucking movie here!

BTW, we saw more than one gator in the water.  Anywhosers, my friend Toni(who will hopefully do some guest posting) hooked me up with a new NOadventure logo. What do you think?


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  2. You’ve taken it to a new level Mike. Manchac has its share of gators. What were you thinking while in that water?

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