Posted by: noadventure | January 25, 2010

Make a Movie 3 (SupaSaint)

In a period of about five years, New Orleans has had the “Big One”(Katrina), a snowy white xmas, and now, yes – we are going the muthaforking Superbowl. It’s funny because people have been saying the sentence “the Saints are going to the Superbowl” for 40 years as a joke, but I heard it today on the radio and I was like, “oh yeah, it’s real.” Ha – not a joke this time.

At the end of last season, there was a lot of frustration about having a good team that wasn’t going anywhere and my friend SupaSaint(yes, the superfan SupaSaint) decided to express himself throught the medium of film(as he is inclined to do).

So this wasn’t really my baby creatively, I was just the stunt coordinator. Credit is due to Supa and Nate Tape for putting this thing together and making it look so great. We shot it in this huge abandoned warehouse on the water in New Orleans East. We totally did NOT have permission to shoot there. When the harbor police showed up, we just told them we were making a video for the Saints and I guess we looked professional enough(with  lights, a camera crane, and a full crew). The cops were like, “Oh, cool.” The stunt was really scary and I had to rig this rope swing that pendulumed out to almost 90 degrees. The first place I tried to anchor it was an electronic booth in the ceiling of the warehouse, but a gigantic owl that lived there flipped out on me and almost bit my face off. I ended up rigging somewhere else. Of course, I performed the stunt myself before Supa attempted it to guarantee safety.

Here’s the project:

If you can’t tell, it was inspired by this legendary scene from the movie Footloose, when Kevin Bacon’s character Ren is frustrated in a town where dancing is illegal. Check it out:

Pretty reverent, eh?

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