Posted by: noadventure | December 23, 2008

Dog Parks of NOLA

I don’t own a dog, but most of my friends do. Some of my friends who are couples use the dog as a stunt double for a kid or a substitute for one. Cheaper? Yes, but the dog never grows up and refuses to speak English.

Cabrini Park in the French Quarter

Dog parks are increasingly popular hangouts and the Crescent City is gaining more of them. “The Levee” where Magazine St. meets Leake Ave.(River Road) has always been an unofficial dog park close to Audubon Park and the Zoo. It’s huge, dogs can run free off the leash, and unlike more official dog parks – there is no rule or pressure to pick up after your dog. The acres of levee between Magazine and that fenced in industrial building on the river are fair game for your dog to do as he pleases. I hadn’t been down to the river in a year or so and the “beach” has become quite a cool squat.

Just stroll down this trail:

First you’ll see “dog beach.”

Keep going(east?) and you’ll see a shanty in the hollow.

Not bad craftsmanship. What are those? Lag bolts?

Jumping on the dog park craze, Jefferson parish recenty built the much-loved and much-needed Bark Park on the lakefront here:

Don’t let the Metairie location fool ya. This park is very scenic since it rests on a small peninsula in Lake Pontchartrain.

You can see more of the park in my video at the end of this post.

Next, I hit up Cabrini Park near Port of Call in the Quarter to see what the fuss was about. My brother and his girlfriend Robyn showed me that this is where the BIG dogs play. Their pit bull mix was the smallest canine there.

Find Cabrini Park here:

In the future(2009 to be exact) City Park is planning City Bark, a “4.6-acre gated oasis in City Park, with separate sides for small and large dogs, dog showers and a wading pool.” Read more here.

Anysuch, as promised, here’s the whimsical video I slapped together. Look for its stars Ruffins, Polly, Susam, and Kobe where dogs be at.



  1. […] I don’t see the wheel turning fast enough to make it happen any time soon. City Park’s City Bark has been put on the fast track and we’ll be able to use that way sooner than another disc […]

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