Posted by: noadventure | December 13, 2008


So like I said, we explored a new abandoned place – McDonogh 16 school in the 9th Ward. Similar to most buildings in the Bywater neighborhood, the school only got inches of water, yet was mysteriously completely f’ing trashed.

Not nearly as gross or terrifying as the underground bomb shelter, this place was more of a puzzling adventure that forced us to guess WHAT HAPPENED HERE?

I found some great rap lyrics that must have been written by a student.

Anywho, we also made a movie which you should check out here:


  1. […] is just an appetizer for the main course – an ABANDONED 9th WARD SCHOOL we explored today. Stay […]

  2. I’m sorry but you were in the 7th ward not the 9th. The school was functioning up until the storm. It received little damage, part of the rolled roof blew off and a few windows were blown out. This all could have been fixed easily and cheaply. After the storm the school board decided to do nothing, leaving the gates and doors open. I talked to an inspector who was surveying all of the schools. He said it had made it through the storm better than most. With the doors left open a steady stream of vandals striped the school of anything of value. The city and cops were notified often with little result. Neighbors tried to lock the gates only to have the school board cut them off. The school board finally started trying to lock the school up in late 2008, much to late as you can see in the video. In late July 2011 the school sold at auction to an unknown buyer. There has been no activity as of yet.

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