Posted by: noadventure | December 19, 2010

Fishing Bonnabel Boat Launch

Did this one towards the end of the summer, but this cold weather has me thinking of warmer times. I like to head out to the Bonnabel boat launch on a sunny afternoon/evening and see if I can’t wet some hooks.

There is this jetty made of riprap that juts out into Lake Pontchartrain and has decent fishing on the west side. There is even a hill on the peninsula that was made from Katrina rubble which eventually grew grass.

Just get off at the Bonnabel exit and head north(to Lake Pontchartrain) until you drive over the levee. Park on the left side, as that’s where you’ll be walking . There’s also a really nice dog park there right at the lake.

We use frozen shrimp, but you can use plastic lures at the right time if the fish are going crazy.

The trick is to not get the hooks caught in the rocks, or you’ll have to go in and get ’em or cut the line. I wasn’t about to cut the line, so I slipped off my socks and went wading.

We usually bring a few cans of beer with us, but it was a rough evening on the previous night so we just took it easy and refrained from the suds. Plenty to enjoy out there without drinking that firewater.

It’s mostly croakers and catfish(both tiny). When the water is warm in the late summer, I’ve gotten a lot of action out there. Ironically, we didn’t catch a fucking thing. To see us REALLY catching a fish, you may want to examine the post, CATCH YOUR OWN FOOD.

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