Posted by: noadventure | April 13, 2009

Fishing(Catch Your Own Food)

Anyone who complains that there is nothing to do outside in New Orleans should take up fishing.

1)There are bodies of water everywhere.

2)It’s cheap.

3)It’s one of the few sports in which you can drink while you participate.


Normally when we fish, it’s strictly catch and release. We catch small catfish and croaker mostly(with an odd white trout in the mix). On this particular evening, I caught two back to back sheepshead. One was a tiny fighter that I threw back, but the next one was a prehistoric monster. Check out the look on my face(I’m confused at what to do with this bastard).


Ok, so he’s not that huge, but he was big enough to eat and he had swallowed the hook so he left me no choice(It’d be cruel to release him with a hook in his stomach). Since we were used to strict catch-and-release, I didn’t have a real fillet knife. We had to improvise.


With only a steak knife, Dave cut that fucker open like a surgeon making overtime. This is kind of difficult because although sheepshead have tasty white meat, their flesh is protected by dinosaur-like scales.


Look at this ugly bastard.


His teeth look like butter nuggets. No wonder he swallowed the hook.


Sheepshead are a great table fish. They also fight like the dickens.


Oh, yeah… and did I mention that you can catch ’em till hell freezes over ‘cuz there’s no limit on ’em?


  1. Don’t worry about the scales..Clean the inside of the fish and cook it with the scales on (I bake them with butter, lemon, etc)…when it’s done, peel the skin and scales off and you have all that great fish without ripping your hands apart. You might also get a little better knife to work with! Anyway, a great fish story!

  2. Where were you guys at?

    A few years ago I emailed Frank Davis and asked about places you could fish from land within an hour’s drive from Gretna. He told me there were no such places.

    Also, the teeth of the sheepshead are used for breaking open the shells of bivalves and crustaceans. I once saw a dolphin chasing a sheepshead in the surf on the south side of Ship Island. It was amazing.

  3. We were in Pass Christian, which is 1 hour away, but I’ve caught my limit(25) of specks at Sea Brook Bridge(fishing from land) in New Orleans East.

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