Posted by: noadventure | December 12, 2010

DesCours Art Installation

Tonight(December 12th) is the last night!

DesCours is a free public 10 day architecture and art event now in its fourth year, held the second week of December in New Orleans.

To boil it down for you, there are several art installations around downtown New Orleans in places like the completely gutted Woolworth building on Canal Street and the Amtrak Train Station. It’s pretty cool(and free).

You can get all the info at, but I particularly liked the abandoned Woolworth building. Legend has it, you can get to the roof(if you poke around the stairways and bring a flashlight).

Floaty blob lights.

The building is totally gutted and stripped down, but the escalators remain(non-functional of course).

Soil samples from all over New Orleans from the river to the lake.

This projection on the second floor was cool. This guy and his kids spent about 20 minutes playing in the light. To their right, you can see thousands of black feathers strung from the ceiling to mimic a flock of birds.

There are no lights in the building, except for those in the exhibits, so it’s super dark(part of what I like about it).

Next, we went to see the another exhibit at the Amtrak Train Station. They had this huge blobby blue jellyfish thing that undulated with lights inside of it. My dude, DJ Joey Buttons, was there on the decks programming a jam of ambient Brian Eno-type stuff to complement the ethereal art.



  1. I wandered in there last week, completely unexpected but I thought it was pretty cool. I’d love to go back and wander upstairs.

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