Posted by: noadventure | December 5, 2010

Xmas Tree Attack

Sometimes, as xmas looms on the horizon, the thought of dragging out all the ornaments and seasonal paraphernalia is a real chore(and by chore, I mean a pain in the sack).

The best way to have fun doing it, is to invite a bunch of friends over and for everyone to have a bit of alcohol; maybe some peppered hot chocolate with a splash of mescal(i didn’t make this shit up).

The girls will be willing to start it off and get things rolling.

They’ll be responsible for distributing the ornaments…

Showing us which part of the ornament is the bottom…

And basically holding our hands and showing us EXACTLY where to put them on the fucking tree.

Just because 1 little mistake was made. JEEEZ.

In fact, let’s have the guys drop back and observe while the chicks kinda do the rest.

OK! Kill the lights! I wanna see the finished product!


Happy Holidays from NOadventure and check out the site next week for the “Make a Movie – part 4” post that premieres the new Lovey Dovies music video. Cheers.


  1. Merry Christmas to all you wonderful people. Great job on the tree Girls.

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