Posted by: noadventure | November 29, 2010

Long Vue House and Gardens

Editor’s note: this is Rebecca’s second guest post. She’s kinda the history buff around here. Longue Vue is an amazing place right in the middle of a sleepy neighborhood.

I have always seen the signs for Longue Vue House and Gardens, but I had never been. So one weekend this past July I decided to check it out. The Longue Vue House is one of the last great houses to be custom-built in America, taking three years(1939-1942) to complete. It is a Classical Revival style house of three stories and a basement, an unusual feature in New Orleans. Visitors tour the main living spaces of the house. The house contains its original furnishings.

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the property. We learned that all the walls are 2 feet thick with a two feet wide walkway in the middle and another two feet thick wall, making the walls six feet thick between rooms. The house had a lot of luxuries for a house of that time including central air conditioning. My favorite feature was that the owner had all the clocks in the house wired to one master clock in the attic. This way, all the clocks would always had the same time, and it was much easier to set the clocks. The grounds, of course, are beautiful. They are full of what seems to be endless gardens and fountains.

When we were there, there were flowers blooming everywhere.

Did I mention that butterflies love flowers? They were all over the place.

And don’t forget about the Discovery Garden. You can bring your kids to play, learn and explore the garden. This garden is full of herbs, local plants, vegatables, flowers, and more.

Please visit their website for more information:


House and Gardens $10.00 Regular Admission $9.00 Seniors (65 and over) $9.00 Military $5.00 Children 3 and over / Students with ID Free Children 2 and under Gardens Only $7.00 Adults $4.00 Children 3 and over / Students with ID Free Children 2 and under Groups rates are available.

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