Posted by: noadventure | December 7, 2011

Spillway Adventure Race

Editor’s note: this is the 2nd guest post from NOadventurer Tara. Check out her other post on NOLA Paddleboards

My weekend was spent trucking through mud, canoeing in the muddy waters of the Spillway, and biking through 2 feet water.

Yes, I loved it!

My interpretation of an adventure race is “A triathlon meets the Amazing Race”. Each consists of 3 sports: canoeing, trekking/running, and mountain biking. The courses also require navigating as well as mystery challenges. For example, in this last race, we had to work as team to build a bridge walkway using wooden bricks.

If we fell, we had to start over and every teammate had to touch the bricks at the same time. Other races have included ropes courses, swimming through the swamps, and carrying bikes through 4 feet of water. It’s always an adventure!

Editor’s note: These guys are CARRYING their bikes while they’re SWIMMING!

If you have never done an adventure race and enjoy the above, you need to try it.  Gulf Coast Adventures holds a series of 7 races each year. Races are in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, St Charles, Alexandria and Mobile. While some are rural races that require you to navigate through the woods, others are urban that take through the city streets. Personally, I enjoy the rural races because you are forced to bushwack through trees, swim in murky waters, and get just plain dirty.

Editor’s note: It’s called teamwork, holmes – look it up.

From paddling…

to dry biking…

to freaking wet biking…

It’s good to see that the Spillway hasn’t been trashed from the spring’s opening of the floodgates. Haven’t been to the Spillway since Warrior Dash, but as you can see, it looks great.


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