Posted by: noadventure | December 16, 2011

Crips and Bloods Party

This thing was pretty self-explanatory as far as theme parties go. Crips and Bloods. 40s galore. Gin and juice. Chicken. Soldier Rags.

Here’s the photos:

Notice the photoshoot inside a photoshoot in the background.

The chicken was off the muthafucking rope. Anyone who says Jaques-imo’s has the best chicken in the world has obviously never heard of Popeye’s.

Reel it in with those forties, cuz.

Oh no. Not enough was poured out for my homies.



  1. I remember this! It was a lot of fun. You should do another one in a few months and we can have all the babies dressed up too. I got a grill for Harper all ready….24K GOLD, brah!

  2. I can’t believe anyone would throw a party so disgustingly offensive. This is not an adventure.

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