Posted by: noadventure | May 4, 2009

Disc Golf(Lafreniere Park)

When I think of playing golf(ball golf), I think of a really expensive hobby. Just to get a shitty set of clubs is like 500 bucks. Then you have to pay for a green fee, rent a cart, and you’re looking at a pile of cash. You’ll probably also have a few beers – which means your game will suffer(not that you were ever any good anyway).

Conversely, disc golf is a game that has zero green fees and you can get started with a gear investment for $10 to $25 – which makes it about the fucking cheapest sport on the planet.


I like to play with only 2 discs: a driver and a putter, but some like to bring around a bunch of fairway and specialty discs for this and that. About the only reason I bring 2 is in case I lose one in the lagoon.


The only place to play disc golf(for now) in New Orleans is at Lafreniere Park in Metairie. It’s a pretty solid  course.

It’s been around since 1982, but they renovated it a few years ago and turned this 9-hole mini course into a sprawling 21-holer with water obstacles, long fairways, and a handful of hills. There are a couple of courses in Baton Rouge too; most notably South BR’s Highland Road Park – where I once spotted a deer at the crack of dawn(fine don’t believe me – I have a witness). Highland Road has huge bluffs, thick woods, super long fairways, and a pesky creek running through the park. Go wading and come out with a treasure chest’s worth of discs.

There has also been talk of making another New Orleans course in City Park since forever ago, but I don’t see the wheels turning fast enough to make it happen any time soon. City Park’s City Bark has been put on the fast track and we’ll be able to use that way sooner than another disc golf course.

For the time being, Lafreniere is pretty cool. It’s a laid back way to catch some sun and maybe some excercise.


PS: not verifiable or anything, but these are probably the tallest hills in Jefferson Parish(err… not counting the levee).


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