Posted by: noadventure | April 27, 2009

Have Fun


Seriously. Make your life count. I command you to kick ass every single day of your life.

It really bothers me when people tell me they have nothing to do. This city is full of life and opportunity. Get off your ass, because this city NEEDS people that get of their asses. It needs DOERS.

I saw this kid on TV last night. She was born without a face.

Click below to see photos of her at birth and at 2 years-old.


Can you imagine being born without a fucking face? This little girl has had 3 MILLION dollars worth of surgery and she’s not even close to resembling a human. Her tongue is permanently inches out of her mouth and they have to TAPE PLASTIC TO HER EYES at night because she doesn’t have functioning eyelids.

Sorry. Not trying to bum anyone out with this post, but I want you to be the best person you can be. Improve your life. Improve someone else’s life. Be a doer.

There’s the world – Attack!

You can start by designing and constructing a bear-proof suit.


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