Posted by: noadventure | February 25, 2013

Vietnamese New Year (Tet Festival)

New Orleans’ huge Vietnamese community throws down every year around this time. It’s called the Tet Festival. This is a great place to go if you want your ears blasted off by fireworks. We sat in the dining enclosure eating pho tai, while tiny kids ran around throwing firecrackers at each other. No one seemed to mind (except my fucking ears).

pho tai

These kids were definitely on speed. Armed with deafening fireworks, they tore through the grounds in a streak of sparks.

kids playingfireworks

If you don’t personally know Vietnamese people, let me break it down for you. They love gambling. They also love Heineken (almost as much as they love gambling). If anyone is offended by this, PLEASE fucking tell me how Vietnamese people don’t love gambling. PLEASE.

heineken signgmabling

For those too young to gamble, but too old for explosives, there were video games (for prizes).


There was also a huge stage for Vietnamese singers and dancing. We came to see the Dragon dance, which was performed nightly at 6pm. It must have been 60 seconds long, because we walked out of the Pho tent at 6:01 and the Viet-pop singing had already begun.

lit stageflags


  1. Where is this located? I would love to attend this year.

  2. It’s held at a Vietnamese church in New Orleans East. Easy google search.

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