Posted by: noadventure | November 25, 2011

Nutrias – It’s us or them.


Do you have any friends who eat meat, but are against hunting? Me too. Cheeseless rice, those guys are insufferable pussies.

I grew up as a city boy so I had to seek out manly stuff to learn on my own. As a lifelong carnivore, when I was given the opportunity to go hunting, I thought it would be pretty hypocritical of me to decline. After all, there is a lot to be appreciated from killing and butchering your own animals.

It really makes you appreciate a supermarket when you have your hands inside a warm animal’s body. It stinks, there’s gross glands you have to cut out, and there’s feathers and fur everywhere. Kind of a lot of work for a bit of meat – a pack of chicken is like 4 bucks. BUT, if you’ve never killed to eat, I highly recommend it. You will know the real price the animal pays so that we can live and grow strong. We’ve gotten WAY too far removed from nature as it is.

Back to noots. These little bastards are our problem. We made the mess, so let’s clean it up. If you don’t know…

Nutrias were imported to Louisiana from South America in the 1930s for fur farms, but they escaped and boomed in numbers. A hurricane in 1941 dispersed their population and the wetland destruction began. By 1960, the introduced nutrias had wiped out the native Louisiana muskrat by out-breeding and out-consuming. Today, Louisiana is losing 25-35 square miles of wetlands per year from coastal erosion, which has accelerated due to nutrias’ destruction of aquatic plants.

Cops are doing their part, but the only way to really change the tide with these things is to eat them out of existence(much like the method fat people are using against shrimp at Red Lobster).

These nutrias think they own the place, but in my book, they’re on borrowed time.


  1. These photos remind me that I own a book called Cajun Sexy Cookin’. It’s pretty great, as great as these bikini clad photos are. Someone randomly gave it to me a few years ago and I’ve cherished it ever since.

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