Posted by: noadventure | August 16, 2011

Red Dress Run

Editor’s note: This is the first post from guest writer Stephen. Remember, if you write a guest post you get a cool NOadventure tshirt(charcoal Am Appy). Share your NOadventure!

There are several times a year where I find myself ridiculously dressed, walking through the French quarter wondering, “What must the tourists think?” This past weekend was one of them. The Red Dress Run is exactly what it sounds like, thousands of fun loving humans gathering in the Marigny, partying and boozing it up, then drunkenly ambling their way through the quarter. Oh, and everyone is wearing a red dress.

The Hash House Harriers put this lovely event together and for those officially registered “runners” you’ll partake in an alcohol soaked bar crawl. If this doesn’t sound good enough, and maybe you need a nobler reason to overindulge your bacchanalian thirst? Well all the profits go to local charities!

 Those looking to show up for a run will be pretty disappointed, but not to fret because if you also happen to enjoy drinking you’ll find that you are in good company. The number of people attending has surged in the three years that I’ve participated. It’s grown from an estimated 2,500 in 2009 to something nearer to 10,000 this weekend past.

Just a heads up – this thing goes down in New Orleans, in the heart of August. Its hot, its humid, and it’s really fucking hot and humid. I suggest a dress that breathes, some headgear that will provide a modicum of shade, a lil sunscreen, and a healthy appetite for alcohol consumption.

Or like these guys, bring 30’ of contractor grade plastic, a truck bed, and a hose.

I never thought that I could honestly say that the majority of my male friends have a little red dress that lives in their closet and gets worn at least once a year (maybe more, who knows what those freaks do when the lights are off). So steal a red dress out of your nana’s closet, maybe slap some rouge on, and get your ass down here, we’ll be the 10,000 or so partiers wearing dresses.

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