Posted by: noadventure | August 10, 2011

NOLA Motorsports Park

Uh, did anyone know somebody was opening up a massive Motorsports park in New Orleans?

Check this sucker out. They’ve got the three elements that make anything cool: Chicks, Maps, and Mr. T.

According to their website,, they also have the 2nd most important three things: Cars, Motorcycles, and Karting. In all seriousness, this place looks like a huge investment for a pretty swanky motorsports park.  Seven weeks from now, they’ll be opening! And look, they’re even HIRING!

The economy is made up of us, the consumers. This is another example of how a small business(not government) CREATES jobs. What’s your impact on the economy(national and city)?

I’m just psyched cuz now I can get all Tokyo Drift on your ass:

This dude’s got a little bit of time on his hands:

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