Posted by: noadventure | May 7, 2011

Deep Sea Fishing

In the Crescent City, we are surrounded by water. On a relatively short boat trip, you can be floating in hundreds of feet of blue water, with monster fish cruising the depths below.

Unfortunately, although I can handle kayaks in the rough and rugged, and wakeboarding and diving on 20’ish  boats, hours in the deep sea make me kinda sick. Lengthy boat trips in choppy water are rare indulgences for me. This particular adventure chronicles the fishing of me and my brother Dave, who you may remember from the post CATCH YOUR OWN FOOD.

However, on this occasion, we were out for blood(not really – the sailfish were catch and release).

With the help of a killer crew, we found the big ones fast.

Once you set the hook, it’s important to not “high stick” the beast. I learned that from a dude on the boat who had fish blood all over his shirt.

Oh shit! He’s got one! Prepare for a 10-15 minute fight, although sometimes the struggle of a reeling in a big fish can last for hours.

Sailfish and marlin leap and dance on top of the water. As far as fishing goes, they’re the most exciting ones to catch(except for maybe a massive shark – but what would you even do with it if you get it in the boat?).

After the fight, before the release. Take a snap and let that fish know you appreciate him by petting him like a golden retriever.

NOadventure is everywhere(including the briny deep).

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