Posted by: noadventure | February 27, 2011

City Park Disc Golf

Finally went to the NEW disc golf course in City Park. It’s about fucking time. I mean, how much land in City Park has been just sitting there since Katrina(especially on the lesser used side of the park)?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with New Orleans’ other <cough> “suburban” disc golf course. Lafreniere Park’s course actually beats out City Park in technical holes, terrain diversity, course length, maintenance, and overall challenge. Nevertheless, City Park’s course is closer to where everyone I know lives and is therefore cooler. I might add that you are less likely to experience a 30-person Mexican Bar-B-Que in progress in the middle of the fairway in City Park(at press time).

This is how you get there:

The course is very fun. If you’re a decent player, you should be able to par almost all of the holes on a good day.

Each tee box is well marked by a little sign that gives you direction toward the hole. This particular hole(7) was sponsored by Uncle Karl Helwick. Who knew?

Vandals have already run amuck and claimed hole 12 for Chef Will. Noted.

Not a lot of water hazards – which is great if you suck at disc golf. Even if you don’t suck, you probably know someone who does, so this helps sweeten the deal for friends who may be unwilling to give it a try for fear of losing yet another disc.

There was actually a dude in waders with a probing pole fishing wayward discs out of the bottom of this bayou. The waterway seen below is the only water hazard that you have to actually CROSS. You must do so on two separate holes(but you can always play up OR play it safe by using the huge concrete bridge).

Evidence of the Works Progress Administration?

Final verdict: this course is a welcome and sorely needed addition to our beloved City Park. The park is in constant flux, experiencing a huge renovation that will hopefully utilize more of the space with popular revenue-generating features. Free ones are cool too.


  1. Remember when we played in St. Rose and those dirty hippies went swimming on the “moat hole” and retrieved all those wayward discs?


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