Posted by: noadventure | February 13, 2011

Swim in the Mississippi River

Of course you’ve heard the legends of people swimming in the Mississippi River and being sucked down into the current, never to be seen again. These myths are in stark contrast to what dog owners experience every day at the Levee Dog Park uptown.

If dogs, with only instinctual swimming ability, swim in the river year round, why can’t humans? Now, not everyone wants to swim in the river. There are probably more reasons not to than there are to, but let’s no longer say that the river is unswimmable.

This is something that I have never actually seen anyone do, until now. For years, I’ve heard isolated tales of people swimming in the river – most of the stories end in death, but all are cautionary. My own grandfather swam the Mississippi as a boy and he warned me of how foolish it was.

Through the wonder of the internet, I happened upon my old friend Katie’s sunset dip in the Mississippi.

Mud manicure.

If she’s willing to do it barefoot and get her head wet, so am I. When it gets warm enough, I’m swimming in the Mississippi River at the Levee Dog Park and it’s going to be awesome. Anyone who wants to come, let me know.


  1. I just swam in the Mississippi river right downtown and I did not die… true I am sick – but not dead yet. Maybe a poor choice but still an adventure.

  2. I totally want to go. I always thought it was too dangerous to swim in the river too. I’ve been looking for a “free” place to bring my dog to swim. She has hip dysplasia and arthritis and I have been bringing her to Dag’s house and Belladoggie for therapy (aka weight loss) swims but it costs $45 each time and I can’t get in the pool with her because of insurance reasons and I know she would much rather have me next to her. I can’t afford $45 once a week let alone twice a week as it is recommended for her to exercise. Have you gone or do you still go and when?

  3. I haven’t been swimming in the river yet this summer, but the lake is always a good safe option. Follow Bayou St. John to Lake Shore Drive and I believe the place to jump in is slightly to the left. There are steps that descend into the lake and there are remnants of wooden poles sticking out of the water that mark a swimming course of 800 meters(1 half mile) there and back.

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