Posted by: noadventure | February 28, 2010

Skydive New Orleans

Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is something I recommend to everyone. I did my first jump on my 21st birthday and I felt invincible for about a week.

There is a special rush you get from doing something humans are not supposed to do. you are not supposed to swim with sharks…

…and you are not supposed to drop 10000 feet through the air at 120 miles per hour.

Years ago, I did a couple of tandem skydives with Gold Coast Skydivers when they were near Biloxi. They have since moved inland a bit.

This is now the closest place to go in New Orleans:

It’s just in Slidell, so you can get there quick and you get to see Lake Pontchartrain on your way down.

If you get really good at it, you might want to try this:

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