Posted by: noadventure | February 21, 2010

Swamp Tour

As a local New Orleanian(born and raised), I have never really been on one of these touristy swamp tours.

I am now intrigued. I’m kinda waiting for an out of town friend to visit who really wants to go on one of these guided swamp tours – complete with airboats and gator taunting.

My number one choice is this dude, Diego at Zam’s Swamp Tours.

Listen to this guy’s voice as he man-handles this snapping turtle:

Anybody done one of these?



  1. Yea, a few years ago – born here and never went. Cool stuff, you need to go

  2. I’m from here and have been on several: Golden Meadow, Lafitte, and Frenier. The one at Frenier was the best. It’s on Highway 51 at the La Place exit. Go north, you’ll see it on your right after a few seconds. The Lafitte airboat I took cost the most, but the guide was the least interesting.

    I only go on these when tourist friends are in town. If I want to see alligators up close, I just hop in my pirogue or kayak and paddle along the Parish Line Canal in Kenner. Lots of them there. But anywhere in the marsh these days you don’t have to look far to find them. Just travel on down Highway 51 to some of the inlets and you’ll find them. Please don’t feed them because it makes them come after people in kayaks, expecting food from us.

  3. Zam’s is a cool place and it is run by people that really know and have made a living off the swamps and wildlife. I live in the community next to it called Choctaw. They do a good job of explaining everything on the tour. What is nice they have pontoon boats and they just cruise down the bayou. I fish down the same bayou the run the tours down and they are nice people.

  4. The airboat tours are a lot of fun too – I’ve done these. They have a baby gator on the airboat named “Elvis” and a bag of marshmallows to feed the gators (Lousiana Swamp Tours or Jean Lafitte).

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