Posted by: noadventure | November 1, 2009

Petrified Forest(in Mississippi)!

There is only one petrified forest east of the Mississippi River and it’s just west of Jackson. Suprisingly, no one knows about this place and friends of mine from Jackson have never been. We had to check it out.


The setup is an easy self guided trail through this lush hilly forest. There is a canopy of trees overhead so you are constantly in shade.


Follow the numbered sign on the trails and the pamphlet tells you the history of how this petrified forest was formed.


There are tons of huge chunks of rock/petrified wood.


There is even this cross section of a giant Sequoia to let you know how long these fuckers have been around. This tree was alive in 1492!


I also took this photo of this tiny(but pretty) bolete mushroom(it could also be a russula – I’m not an expert).


Here’s how to get there:

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