Posted by: noadventure | October 26, 2009

Haunted Corn Maze

In this autumn season, it’s important to utilize the conditions the land gives us. No, we are not heading to the beach anymore. The corn is high and the air is brisk; naturally, we should attempt to navigate the Haunted Corn Maze in Amite, LA(about an hour from New Orleans). The “Maize” is just what it sounds like, a maze cut through a corn field(some say by aliens).


It is also conveniently haunted after dark.

scary skull

This place was super fun and it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour to get through the maze – depending on how well you can follow a map and keep your bearings. Of course there were rules:

the rules

Unfortunately, some of the rules were broken:


There were other attractions in addition to the maze. Notice the “Chicken Show.”


This is what it looked like – there was even a performance from “Dolly Part-hen.” Hysterical!

chicken show

Did you know that a pumpkin is 90% water? Well I’ll be!


Perhaps the best part of the night was something called “ribbon cheese fries.” This guy cut up a potato with a power drill and fried up the ribbons. It’s basically really fresh thick potato chips with cheese on them. Kind of like fresh potato chip nachos. Notice the Angola Prison Rodeo coupon on the soda can.


Make sure you check out the Haunted Trail too. This one was a walk through the woods with explosions and dudes with chainsaws chasing you; it’s an outdoor spook house with kids screaming their heads off – pretty awesome.



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