Posted by: noadventure | May 30, 2009


You never know when your knowledge of breakdancing will become critically useful. Perhaps a real estate developer will try to bulldoze your community recreation center; you may want to rally your breakin’ friends to put on a show to raise money to save it!


Start with this move – it’s the basis for all floor work.

The Six-Step

For counter-clockwise six-steps, start from a push-up position with your legs spread (this seems kinda silly, but it’s the easiest way to explain it, you can start from any position).


1. Lift your RIGHT arm, and move your LEFT leg through so it’s in front of your RIGHT leg.


2. Move your RIGHT leg so that your RIGHT foot is BEHIND the LEFT foot (your legs will be crossed LEFT over RIGHT).


3. Move your LEFT foot in a small arc so your legs are uncrossed. At the same time switch your hands (pick the LEFT one up, and put the RIGHT one down.


4. Extend your RIGHT leg and sweep it around (wide) in a counter-clockwise arc so that your LEFT foot ends up covered by your RIGHT knee joint and your RIGHT foot is almost touching your butt (NOTE: Steps 3 and 4 shoud be done in quick succession).


5. Put your LEFT hand back down on the ground, and move your LEFT leg back to where it was in the push-up position.


6. Move your RIGHT leg back to where it was in the push-up position, and you find yourself back at the beginning.


Now, go back to step one, and repeat. That’s it. If you want go clockwise, just reverse all the LEFT/RIGHTs. One more thing, don’t try to do this fast at first. Go VERY slow to get the technique down, and then increase your speed gradually. No matter how fast you go, if your footwork is sloppy, it’s noticeable.

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