Posted by: noadventure | March 30, 2009

Angola Prison Rodeo

Like Oktoberfest at Deutsches Haus, the Angola Prison Rodeo takes place every weekend in October and even one bonus weekend in the spring. For 2009, the spring dates are April 18th and 19th.

If you haven’t been before, I definitely recommend it. It’s MAN vs. BEAST for these prisoners who have nothing to lose.

I don’t remember all of the events, but in one of them, four prisoners sit around a poker table while a wild bull goes absolutely fucking nuts. The last one still sitting at the table wins the prize(around$150 – which is like millions in prison).


Another event I recall is this one where another gigantic bull has a poker chip on string tied between his horns. The object is simple: be the prisoner that retrieves the poker chip. The reward: 150 bucks.

You can bet your boots that somebody’s going to the prison hospital.


That’s gotta hurt. Face down under an airborne bull.


This tiny bull is as mean as the day is long. He takes no prisoners(I’m hysterical!).


Here’s a trailer for a documentary about the Angola Prison Rodeo – it looks pretty cool. Check out how far the guy flies in the air during the poker event.

The rodeo is also an awesome place to pick up crafts, paintings of Tupac, or a belt buckle.


The only thing that really sucks about the rodeo is that no alcohol is available – it’s on prison grounds. Shucks! I kinda like drinking beer when I watch prisoners get maimed by wild animals. Anywho, the APR is still highly entertaining without booze.

While you’re in town, maybe you should checkout the nearby Secret Ancient Cypress Forest. It’s worth a few snapshots.

Expert tip: don’t get shanked in the neck – the prisoners will try to fuck the wound hole.


  1. You should have a bit more respect. This could very easily happen to you and we would then see what YOUR prospective is when presented with a no win situation. Remember, a hole is not necessary for a fuck! These people are every bit as human as you and I and with the legacy of institutionalized racism and slavery, one might think that a bit of sensitivity, empathy and critical thought might be in order.

  2. It’s “perspective”, JWB, not “prospective.” this could not “very easily happen” to me because I’m not a criminal. I think I can keep my nose clean enough to not end up in max-security prison.

  3. Hmmm, can’t happen to you?

    Ever smoke a joint? Drive drunk?

    Your “perspective” is not very “prospective” as you never know what the future will hold.

  4. Sure, everyone has done things that are illegal, but the aformentioned crimes won’t get you thrown in “The Farm.” I make my own future.

  5. You definitely will not see a show like the APR anywhere else. I’ll recommend the book God Of The Rodeo for anyone working through their “perspective”. I love this blog Mike keep it up!

  6. The documentary looks really good, but I really hate rodeos.

  7. Excellent , my type of day out! and to the person that says “you dont know whats in your future..” I do, because Id never drive drunk, or do anything to get thrown in Prison! (not for lack of trying noadventure..I FAIL miserably)

    Thanks for the advice on getting shanked, I’ll take some expanding foam.



  9. Wow Jazzworkerbee…and emmett…Although I know this comment is about 2 years after you wrote that, you sound like you’re both about as much fun as standing in a closed phone booth full of wasps while being stabbed to death with a spork.

    First of all, noadventure is right about this almost certainly not winding up at the Farm. Everyone in there is a rapist, murderer, or some other totally heinous criminal, and a court of law found them guilty enough to send them to where most people never leave, except in a pine box, as they say.

    Secondly, I have no idea where you are coming up with racism and slavery here. There are people of every race in this rodeo (I have been twice), and they CHOOSE to be in it, probably to escape the monotony of prison life for a little bit. And not only that, aside from the prizes they can win (which very few win money from), they get to sell their crafts to the public, and if they aren’t a threat to people, they can become trustees and actually interact with people other than prisoners and guards for a few days in their year; something they seem to enjoy tremendously.

    Take it for what it is, a fun time that the prisoners certainly dont’ seem to be complaining about. Hell, if I was in prison I’d probably want to ride a bull 5 Sundays a year too…actually, maybe I want to do that anyway….

    Lighten up people….

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