Posted by: noadventure | January 27, 2009

Swamp Ramble

What’s the name of that book where the guy goes into the woods and chills out and thinks about stuff? Walden? Yeah, Henry David Thoreau stressed simple living and self-sufficiency. Only the necessities – food, shelter, clothing.

Bayou Pigeon is a little less than two hours from New Orleans. When you approach, there is a sign that let’s you know where you are.


Bayou Pigeon is much like HDT’s beloved Walden Pond – except that the necessities out here are nutria, guns, and alcohol. In the swamp, it’s easy for mankind to really switch gears from the hectic commotion of urban living. Relax, ramble, and live off the land.


Steady your aim, and a bounty of squirrel meat will be yours on which to feast!


Of course, the simple times on the bayou slip by much slower than that fast-paced city life. I’ve even fabricated a picture-show to illustrate life in the wilderness. As you can see from the moving-pictures, sometimes a ZIPLINE is necessary to move through the densely wooded forest. View here:

After all was said and done, and the squirrel filled our bellies, we watched the sun set on the serene bayou. Goodnight crawfish.


PS: We really did eat the squirrel.


  1. I hope you SERIOUSLY die of cancer.
    I wish death to you, you fucking bastard.
    DIE , please die painfully.

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