Posted by: noadventure | September 1, 2013

Glow Bike Social?

Editor’s note: Another fantastic guest post by Whitney Mackman. Email me your NOadventures!

Happy Thursday! NOLA Social Ride


Need help making it to the weekend? Well, join Nola Social Ride on Thursdays for bikes, lights, beer, music, new friends, and fun. Each time, I’ve biked by something I’ve wanted to see or do in this town. Each time, one more person recognizes me and says hi. Each time, I realize how all my stress is gone after just ten minutes of riding. Depending on the week, the ride is a slow meander through the CBD/French Quarter/Bywater, or Mid-City/ Bayou St. John, or Uptown, or Lakeview. There is something for everyone on this ride. Recent ride themes include:  Caped Crusader, Star Wars, Face Paint, Beach Wear, Light Up the Night, etc.

parking lot 2

So far I’ve discovered the swinging benches under the Crescent City Connection, biked directly into the Blaine Kerns Warehouse after dark (who left that open?) for my own private tour, discovered hidden pathways in Mid-City, circled the Super Dome, and explored the golf courses after dark. Above all, my favorite is seeing people’s faces when a giant group of costumed bikers pass them, wishing them a “Happy Thursday!”


If you are looking for laid back adventure right in the city, NOLA Social Ride is it. The group meets at a bar/restaurant in the designated neighborhood for that week around 7pm and roll out at 7:45. Arrive early if you wish to order food, get a beer, and introduce yourself to others. They hit different areas each week, so join when you can! Keep up with the schedule or friend them for weekly invites. All are welcome no matter the gender, age, or style of bike. Just come ride and wish everyone and yourself a Happy Thursday as you bike by. There are ride leaders and people who stop traffic so all you have to do is bike safely and have fun!

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