Posted by: noadventure | April 14, 2013

Rifle Sighting (AR15)

Way down yonder in Thibodaux, there is a rifle range where you can shoot targets from 300 yards away. Sean needed help sighting his AR15. It takes 2 to sight a rifle (1 to shoot and 1 to scope the target). We grabbed a bunch of guns and went to it.


Here’s the rules. We were the only ones there so it wan’t too crazy.


The lone AR15. I didn’t know what an AR15 was before we got there. It looks like an M16 (kinda the same gun), but it has a collapsable stock. It’s super light and doesn’t kick like you might think. When sighting, the rifle sits in a little sighting stand that can be finely adjusted. This way, it insures that the rifle is perfectly still when fired.

lone ar15gunonstand

The bullets are pretty small for this type of gun. I also didn’t know you could hunt deer with this weapon, but it’s perfect for it. This particular gun runs about $1000 at current market price, but it also has about $1000 worth of hi-tech shit on it.


We bought a few cool targets.


These are pretty realistic. This zombie deer looks like he would fuck somebody up. Look at his exposed guts. Is that more guts hanging from his antlers? Mean.


Just to be clear, there is a disclaimer on the deer targets.


It reads, “Any resemblance to real beings, living or dead, is purely coincidental.”

We busted caps (meticulously) for a couple of hours. Then we shot a few other guns.

Nice grouping.

nicegroupingtactical shotgun

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