Posted by: noadventure | January 1, 2013

Kickstarter is Bullshit

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Ok, so I ‘ve made a decent income for the past 10 years. Funny, since the economy is supposed to be in the shithouse right? I think the main reason I’ve been making money all these years is because I FUCKING WORKED FOR IT.

That’s the difference between hobos and regular people. To clarify, I’m speaking of the working vs. begging part. I smell just as terrible as any homeless bum.

Since 2009, Kickstarter has re-introduced the art of public begging with their “crowd funding.” The site boasts a 43.85% total success rate, which has helped fund projects like Tentacle Bento, “a tentacle card game intended to satirize Japanese school girl tentacle rape comics.”


The amazing thing is that bonafide celebrated individuals such as Colin Hanks, Matthew Modine, and  megastar Ricki Lake have used Kickstarter for their projects. Even Whoopi Goldberg, deep pocketed as she is, used the site for what was undoubtedly some marvelous piece of shit. At least she didn’t have to pay for it.

My grandfather used to tell me, “There’s only one place money comes from: work.” If he were alive today, I’d wave an iPad in his face and say, “Not true gramps! You can beg people for money on the information superhighway. It’s called Kickstarter!”

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