Posted by: noadventure | January 4, 2013

Polar Bears PLUNGE Again!

I’ve got to be honest here. I’m really puzzled why there is so little participation in this event. If New Orleans’ Running of the Bulls can pull in what appeared to be 10 thousand people, I figured I could  at least get 50 people to do the New Orleans Polar Bear Plunge. In the weeks leading up to last year, I had DOZENS of people pledging to make the plunge on Xmas day. Almost everybody flaked.

Is it just the difference between drinking beer in the sunshine with a bunch of chicks(Running of the Bulls) and drinking beer in the cold with a few dudes(NOPB Plunge)? Despite the abysmal turnout, we STILL had fun.

It’s hard to get people to jump in cold water on January 1st. As usual, public interest was dismal. Mere days before the second annual New Orleans Polar Bear Plunge, the event was in jeopardy.

Last year’s plunge had 7 brave participants and a car full of spectators; this year, exactly 1 bro told me “I’m in.”

Last year’s Polar Bears entering the froth.


It’s probably the southernmost Polar Bear event in the United States; it’s certainly the most sparsely attended. The sad thing is, it’s not even really cold. Sure, the air temp might be in the forties, but the water is in the mid-sixties. People are just serious pussies when it comes to being cold and wet.

The only douches dumb enough to rip it on New Year’s Day.


The fog was so thick that you couldn’t see the water from the beach. We started by gleaming this waterway’s cube.

The waves were out of control. Six inch barrels all day.





The girls weren’t the least bit impressed. One of them wanted to give it a shot. “Go for it!”

Girlstry startwipeout wipeout goodsport

“What a good sport!” Since she was already soaking wet, she decided to join us in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now we were 3 strong.

arms up


We played around in the shallow water, dunking ourselves with fervor every few seconds.



Next year’s event promises to have twice the excitement and half the participants. See you there. version here.


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