Posted by: noadventure | May 9, 2012

Noccalula Falls Kayak(jesuschrist)

This is a nice little waterfall that I stop at every time I head up to Sand Rock(northern Alabama) to go climbing.

After being in the car for a few hours, it’s good to get out and stretch your legs while gandering at that falls. Sometimes in the  winter, it’s barely more than a trickle of water falling 90 feet to the pools below.

With the help of some tiny HD cameras, these 3 guys made Old Noccalula a little bit gnarlier.

[vimeo 33079315]

Watching that vid makes me think of how taking on big whitewater is more about staying calm and having huge nuts than being a skilled paddler. We can all agree that it doesn’t take much skill to get to the edge. Then, while in the middle of the drop, he ditches his paddle. What?!

The water has more control over us than we have control over it. Stay loose and keep your head up.



  1. You throw the paddle to avoid injuries to your face and hands upon impact.

  2. Beautiful view. Hope you survived it.

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