Posted by: noadventure | July 2, 2011

Biking New Orleans to Biloxi

Editor’s note: This is guest writer Taylor’s third piece of journalism featured on NOAdventure. Be sure to check out his excellent photo/cycling/paddling/adventure blog Slices of America. Taylor’s route is similar to the one Pearce and I took for Scooter to the Coast except we utilized the luxury of internal combustion.

The route from New Orleans along the coast…

Check out the whole story by clicking the quote below:

“A very large mutt came screaming across an abandoned lot, charged right up to me, and nipped at my heals very briefly. Luckily, he was not interested in my very loud yelling. My heart was pounding, and I stopped to gather myself. I thought very seriously about calling it quits. I thought about buying a can of mace. Then, I thought about how I was wasting time, and I simply kept going.”


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